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EyeOptics is a full-service optometry center located in Elk Grove, CA. We have four doctors of optometry and several qualified opticians as part of our team; all are dedicated to giving you professional eye-care to ensure your best possible vision, comfort, and eye health.

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8246 Laguna Blvd. Ste 300

Elk Grove, CA 95758

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The Eye Vitamin

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The Eye Vitamin

Eyes need vitamin support too. There are actually three carotenoids that accumulate in the central retina – lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso zeaxanthin which are collectively referred to as macular pigment. These carotenoids protect our retinas from damaging ultraviolet light and high energy blue light. When we protect our retina from these light sources we lower our risk for developing macular degeneration, the eye disease that damages our central vision.

MacuHealth is the only nutritional vision supplement that contains all three macular carotenoids as found in the macular pigment. With continuous supplementation, MacuHealth improves visual performance by increasing contrast sensitivity, reducing glare, and protecting eyes from harmful blue light.

Additionally, by increasing your macular pigment production, MacuHealth reduces oxidative stress and injury that free radicals from UV or blue light cause to your eyes. With this added protection, your eye’s cells are safeguarded from damage and your risk for eye diseases later in life is reduced.

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EyeOptics offers MacuHealth supplements to support your best vision. Pick up some today!

MacuHealth Macular Degeneration video
Check out the video for more information