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EyeOptics is a full-service optometry center located in Elk Grove, CA. We have four doctors of optometry and several qualified opticians as part of our team; all are dedicated to giving you professional eye-care to ensure your best possible vision, comfort, and eye health.

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8246 Laguna Blvd. Ste 300

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Vision isn’t just one skill, it is a set of several skills. Some of the most familiar are peripheral vision and eye hand coordination, but the eyes also have to work together as a team to smoothly and evenly follow words across a page, or point to the same spot in space and see depth.

Most of what we understand about our surrounding environment is experienced through our eyes, rather than our other sensory organs. Yet, many of us are unaware of what our vision should or could be.

If you struggle with learning, reading, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, double vision, lazy eye, an eye turn, headaches, brain injury or post concussion symptoms visual skill improvement might be part of the solution.

“All during my life I knew I had a problem; I just didn’t know what the problem was. At the age of twenty‐nine, I discovered it was connected with my eyes… How is it I never suspected, never complained, never spoke of it before? The answer, I guess, is that we tend to feel that all people see and feel things the way we do. At least, having nothing to compare it with, I assumed my vision was normal.”

Jess Oppenheimer, TV writer and producer,
Creator of I Love Lucy


Eye Tracking Problems

  • Losing place while reading
  • Missing/skipping small words
  • Words “swim” on the page

Eye Focusing Problems

  • Blurry print
  • Rubbing of the eyes
  • Prefers larger text or picture books

Poor Reading Strategies

  • Re-reading of text
  • Slow reading with poor comprehension

Visual Information Processing

  • Difficulty spelling/copying material from board
  • Letter or number reversals
  • Not remembering a word in the next sentence

Eye Teaming Problems

  • Double Vision
  • Fatigue or headache with reading
  • Easily distracted/trouble staying on task

Visual Motor Integration

  • Trouble copying from the board
  • Sloppy hand-writing
Vision Therapy is a proven long‐term solution for many vision problems.
Make an investment in yourself today!

Take this survey of common symptoms or call our office today to make an appointment to have a Vision Skills Screening.

What is the Process?

Vision therapy at EyeOptics Optometry Center
Step One: Eye Exam

A routine comprehensive eye examination must have been completed in the last 12 months. If performed by another doctor, we will request those exam records to review. If you've not had a recent eye exam, call your optometrist or contact us to schedule one. This exam is often partially covered by your vision or medical insurance.

Optomap Retinal Exam at EyeOptics Optometry Center
Step Two: Vision Screening

Included in the EyeOptics routine eye exam, or available for $25 per person. This gives us a peek into the visual system to see if there might be a visual skills deficit. Failing any part of the screening, triggers the need for the Full Evaluation.

On-site Optical Laboratory at EyeOptics Optometry Center
Step Three: Full Evaluation & Consultation

A complete profile of the visual processing system. 1 ½ -2 hours for children, and 1 to 1 ½ hours for adults. 90 minutes for children, and 60 minutes for adults. This evaluation allows the optometrist to diagnose the specific visual deficits of the individual. Approximately one week after the testing, all test results will be reviewed with the patient by the developmental optometrist, and a recommendation for Vision Therapy will be provided.

Frames at contact lenses at EyeOptics Optometry Center
Step Four: Therapy Program

Weekly 45‐minute in‐office visits with a therapist. This is accompanied with specifically assigned and customized home reinforcement activities. Between visits, the therapist and doctor track the patient's progress and make adjustments to the therapy plan based on results. The duration of therapy depends on the diagnosis. Average treatment times typically fall between 20‐30 weeks, while more challenging conditions may require more time. The cost of a program of vision therapy is comparable to getting braces. Although therapy is not typically covered by insurance, a variety of options are available for payment.

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